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Air Conditioner Repair in Star City, Arkansas and Monticello, Arkansas

Kiefhaber’s Heating & Air Conditioner Repair in Star City and Monticello, Arkansas, offers reliable and trustworthy heat pump repair in Star City and furnace repair in Monticello, AR, and surrounding areas. When it’s hot outside and your air conditioner is on the fritz, or it’s cold outside and your furnace or heat pump shuts down, the comfort of your home and family disappears. If you find yourself in this emergency heating and cooling situation, trust Kiefhaber’s Heating & Air Conditioner Repair in Star City to restore your family’s comfort! Call us for all types of heat and air service in Star City and Monticello, Arkansas. We are experts in the area of heating and cooling, and it is our job to ensure you are comfortable in your own home.

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Do not risk your family’s health and safety by calling another air conditioner repair in Star City, AR, even if you’ve heard they have the biggest building. You know that bigger is not always better when it comes to the industry of furnace repair in Monticello Arkansas or heat pump repair in Star City, AR.

At Kiefhaber’s Heating & Air, we are a family owned heating and air conditioning repair company. We can get your heating and cooling systems back to perfect operational condition very quickly. Don’t spend any more time than absolutely necessary dealing with an air conditioning or heating problem. When you call Kiefhaber’s Heating & Air, you can trust that you will get a professionally trained air conditioner repair technicians, who also specialize in furnace repair in Star City AR and heat pump repair in Monticello AR.

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Star City AR Furnace Repair | Monticello Heat & Air Service

Kiefhaber’s Heating & Air Conditioner Repair in Star City, Arkansas, believes in fulfilling the needs of each and every heat and air service customer no matter what the problem, or how long it takes to repair it. Our goal is to ensure your family is comfortable and happy. We can’t solve all your problems, but when it comes to air conditioner service or other manner of heat and air repair, we can take away the grief and anxiety that plagues your home.

So many other heating and air conditioning repair companies around Star City and Monticello just look for the jobs that make them the most money. At Kiefhaber’s Heating & Air, we strive to make every customer happy, regardless of the size of your home, the prestige of your office complex, or the condition of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

Trust Kiefhaber’s when your family’s comfort is on the line. Our technicians are highly trained at air conditioner repair, furnace repair, and heat pump repair in Star City, Arkansas, as well as a second location in Monticello, Arkansas. We are here to serve you, and get your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump back to tip-top shape.

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Heating & Cooling in Star City Arkansas | Monticello AR Air Conditioning Repair

If you’ve got a problem with your heating and air conditioning in Monticello AR, then rest assured we can take care of it! We service all models, and cover all residential and light commercial furnace repair and air conditioner repair in Star City AR. We service a wide area in Southeast Arkansas, centered in the Star City AR area. We specialize in heat pump repair in Star City AR, as well as air heat pump repair in Monticello.

We specialize in air conditioner repair, heat pump repair and furnace repair, and all other types of heating and cooling emergencies. We also can handle new home installations and replacements of air conditioners and furnaces. We proudly boast of our affiliation with American Standard heating and air conditioning products.

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Proud to Be an American Standard Dealer of high quality Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, and Furnaces in Star City, AR

We are an independent American Standard dealer operating out of two locations in Southeast Arkansas. One location is Star City, and the other is Monticello. We highly recommend using American Standard heating and air conditioning products on new installations in Southeast Arkansas homes in businesses, surrounding the towns of Star City and Monticello.

As an American Standard dealer, we offer many different systems that are ideal for various installation needs. The American Standard product line is so expansive, in fact, it would be impossible to detail them all on our website. For all heating and air conditioning repair, call the absolute best heat & air company in the Star City area.

American Standard Air Conditioner Repair in Fort Smith AR

At Kiefhaber’s Heating & Air Conditioning Repair, we do more than install American Standard heating and air conditioning units. In fact, we take our name very seriously, and it is our goal to provide exceptional heating and cooling service on each and every call.

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For more information about Star City AR heat pump repair or to set up an appointment for heating and air conditioning repair for your Monticello home or business, please don’t hesitate to contact us! As an American Standard dealer, we are the go to guys for all your heating and cooling needs.

Kiefhaber’s Heating & Air
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Setting The Standard For SE Arkansas

Pete Kiefhaber began this small family business over 37 years ago because he had a vision of providing quality heating and cooling products and services at reasonable prices. When he passed away in 2016, his sons Caleb and Scott took over his legacy.

Today, we are the leader in southeast Arkansas for installation and repair of air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and other HVAC systems.

A heating and air company does not thrive over 3 decades just by selling “parts and pieces”. At Kiefhaber’s Heating & Air, we do much more than that. We put those pieces together to provide you and your family a home that is comfortable.

Professional & Knowledgeable Staff

We employ full time office staff that are here to take care of you when you call. Our technicians are always in uniform, arrive at your home promptly and in fully stocked vehicles, and are able to complete most calls on the first trip.

At Kiefhaber’s Heating & Air, our service technicians are the best trained and most prepared in the area. We have invested the time and money into the continuing education of our staff, as well as the equipment necessary to test and measure our performance.

Without these continuing investments, a company will fall behind the new technology that is constantly introduced into the industry.

24 Hour Emergency Service

If you have an emergency, please call us immediately at (870) 628-4900. We will ensure that your heating and cooling crisis is diagnosed and solved as soon as possible.

Our goal is to restore comfort to your home, and we work tirelessly to provide the best level of comfort for you and your home.